Comedy Spots Contest

Terms & Conditions

  1. This competition is open to residents of United Kingdom only aged 18 years and over.  

  1. Any employee, agent, officer or director of ChannelFlip Media Ltd (‘ChannelFlip’) or Dell UK or anyone else professionally connected with the Competition or a family member of any of these is not eligible to enter this competition.

  1. This Competition opens at 12noon on Friday 6th July 2012. Closing date for receipt of entries is midnight on Friday 5th October 2012. Any entries received after the closing time will not be counted.

  1. To enter the competition, you need to upload your video via following the instructions set out on the website.  Incomplete entries or those not in accordance with these terms are invalid.

  1. Videos must be no more than 1 minute long, in the format as set out when uploading and be suitable for viewing by a general audience.

  1. Videos should follow the guideline “You have 1 minute to show us how funny you are?”

  1. Videos are submitted on condition that the person or people making the submission own the copyright to all material in the submitted video, including images and music. ChannelFlip may use the material on their own website, on any web pages on other sites managed by ChannelFlip employees on ChannelFlip's behalf, and for use by others through embedding the video into their own sites via YouTube, with full permission for the video to be viewed in any form, on any device in any country of the world.

  1. Those submitting videos agree that all submissions may be viewed publicly on web pages owned or controlled by ChannelFlip, before the results of the competition is announced, allowing the online community to comment, vote or otherwise respond.

  1. All participants of the contest must agree to and abide by the YouTube Terms of Service in order to enter.

  1. Each entrant hereby undertakes that

  1. They are the only creator, author and owner of their Submission and, if applicable, the Footage. If they are not the exclusive owner, they have received written consent from the owner to submit the Submission/Footage, to grant to the Promoter the rights to use and to sub-licence the Submission/Footage as set out above;

  1. The use of the Submission/Footage by the Promoter and/or any other sub-licencee will not infringe any intellectual property or other rights of any third party (for example trade marks, copyright, privacy rights etc). Entrants whose Submission contains any underlying copyrights such as music, lyrics, film footage, artwork or other copyright material owned by any other person, confirm that they have obtained all necessary consents in writing (including from other people appearing in their Submission) necessary for the Promoter Dell and/or any other sub-licensee to use the Submission as set out above;

  1. The Submission does not contain or make reference to anything that is defamatory, offensive or illegal; and

  1. The Submission is free from any right or claim by anyone under any recording contract, publishing contract, or any union, guild or collecting society such as the Performing Rights Society. Entrants agree to inform the Promoter immediately if this status changes.

  1. Entrants must not include in their Submission or Footage any information they do not want other people to see. The Promoter is entitled to moderate and/or monitor any Submissions/Footage in connection with the competition and entrants consent to any such moderating and/or monitoring.

  1. By entering this competition, all entrants hereby grant to the Promoter  and or partner companies the exclusive right to film, tape, sound record and photograph all their activities in connection with the competition and the prize.  Everything filmed, taped or recorded by the entrant, Dell and/or the Promoter shall be known as “Footage”.

  1. By entering the competition entrants agree to assign to the Promoter (as directed) with full title guarantee all intellectual property rights in any Footage throughout the world for the full unexpired period of such rights and all renewals, reversions and extensions of such period as may be provided under any applicable law throughout the world.

  1. Attempts to artificially manipulate the voting system or YouTube viewing figures, rankings or comments, using robots or any automated means will result in immediate disqualification.

  1. Contestants may submit as many videos as they like into the competition.

  1. Any video which is judged by ChannelFlip to be in any way offensive, inappropriate, or prejudicial to the interests of ChannelFlip or Dell will be removed from the Competition.

  1. Any actions by those associated with a video submission that are deemed by ChannelFlip to be offensive, inappropriate or prejudicial to the interests of ChannelFlip or Dell will result in the video being removed from the Competition.

  1. Neither ChannelFlip nor Dell will be responsible for content of videos and they will also not be responsible for non-arrivals, or those that fail to download or are corrupt files.

  1. At the close of the competition 10 finalists will be chosen to be part of a Live Final where one overall winner shall be chosen.

  1. David Mitchell will select 5 of the finalists; the other 5 will be those that received the highest number of votes from the online community during the competition.  Any votes received after the competition closes will not be counted.

  1. The finalists will be notified by email 7 days after the competition closes using the email address they submit for the competition.  Finalists must respond to accept their place in the final and at this point they must provide the original video to ChannelFlip, as Comedy Spots branding (this includes ChannelFlip & Dell branding) will be added to the video and all finalists’ videos will be put into a showcase format.

  1. If a finalist cannot be contacted (using the email address provided at entry) or the finalist does not respond, to accept their place and provide the original video, within 14 days of being notified as a finalist their place will be forfeited and the Promoter reserves the right to offer the unclaimed place to a substitute finalist selected by David Mitchell.  Once finalists have responded to the email notification their names will be announced on the competition and Soapbox YouTube channels and the Soapbox Facebook page.

  1. Finalists agree to attend a Live Final, if asked to do so with reasonable notice, and to have photographs and video taken and used by ChannelFlip in order to publicise the results of the competition.  

  1. The Live Final will be held in a central London on a weekday evening.  Finalists will be notified of the location once they have provided their original videos and confirmed they still wish to be part of the competition.  ChannelFlip expect all finalists to attend this Live Final but will not disqualify a finalist who can not attend due to extenuating circumstances.  

  1. The Live Final will involve the 10 finalists being there to support their entry video which will be watched by the audience and judges.  A panel of judges will decide the overall winner at this event and announce this on the night.

  1. ChannelFlip will decide the composition of the Judging Panel.

  1. The decisions of the Judging Panel will be absolutely final, and their process of decision-making will be private.

  1. The winner will receive a one year development deal (‘the Term’) with ChannelFlip Media Ltd which will include the following:

  1. A development deal worth £10,000.  This will be paid in installments throughout the year dependent on the winner providing content as set out in clause 29.
  2. A dedicated YouTube channel for the year with cross promotion from the Soapbox channel. This will be created and run by ChannelFlip and have Comedy Spots branding (this will include ChannelFlip & Dell branding).
  3. A 1 hour mentoring session with David Mitchell
  4. Support throughout the contract from ChannelFlip

  1. The winner shall be expected to produce 52 pieces of content during the Term in order for the dedicated channel to put a piece of content live each week.   All videos will be delivered to ChannelFlip for approval and to have a Comedy Spots branded title card added to them.

  1. The rights to all content on the winners channel will be split 50/50 between the winner and ChannelFlip.  ChannelFlip shall also have first option on any television or film projects that the winner works on throughout the Term.

  1. ChannelFlip reserve the right to revoke the contract at any time if the winner behaves in a way that is deemed by ChannelFlip to be offensive, inappropriate or detrimental to the interests of ChannelFlip or Dell. 

  1. The winner will need to sign a “Good Character” clause any refusal to do so will result in them not being eligible to win.

  1. Throughout the Term the winner may not advertise or work for a competitor of Dell.

  1. If for any reason a winner is not eligible then another winner will be chosen from the remaining finalists.

  1. All information given if you are chosen as a finalist must be true, current and full. The Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify without notice any individual who it reasonably believes has acted fraudulently or acted in violation of these terms.

  1. Neither the Promoter nor Dell shall be liable for any cancellations, alterations or modifications to the promotion or the prize for any reason, which falls outside their control.                    

  1. The Promoter will withdraw this competition or amend any of the details if circumstances make this unavoidable.

  1. The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  1. The finalist’s name and approved image may be used for promotional purposes at no charge.

  1. ChannelFlip shall only use personal data for the purposes of administrating this Competition, they shall not keep any data after this Competition closes and the finalists have been notified.

  1. By entering the competition, entrants agree to accept and be bound by these rules. The competition and these rules are governed by English law.